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Animal health represents a market approaching $30 billion worldwide. Livestock will continue to account for the dominant share of animal health product sales through 2016, due to the size and importance of the US commercial animal segment. However, companion animal applications will remain the fastest growing in dollar sales. Trends favor higher spending on pet health and will encourage above average gains.


In response to this movement, Velius researchers have identified maladies in livestock and pets that are very common and lack effective solutions.

Itchy? DVM – Eczema is commonly seen in dogs, cats and livestock. It is caused by an abnormal response of the animal’s immune system. Characterized by a red itchy scalp,they develop bumps that become moist and oozing and are prone to develop serious yeast infections. These animals scratch themselves, sometimes to the point of exhaustion and injury. Our multi-technology Itchy? DVM, a variation of our Itchy? for Humans, is a fast-absorbing spray that offers a remarkable degree of both instantaneous and long-lasting relief

Noz-n-Pawz OTC and Rx – Chapped noses and cracked paws are often seen in pets and high-value livestock. These problems can be caused by immune disorders, plastic dish syndrome, primary hyperkeratosis and many other things. These disorders can be debilitating and lead to serious illness or death if unchecked. Currently, these conditions are treated with creams and ointments that are easily licked off afflicted areas. Utilizing the nanopatch technology, our patented, lick-resistant medications replace these ineffective medications, providing an easy and reliable treatment for pets and livestock in OTC and Rx form