Prescription Drug Areas

PsoriaFilm - Topical Rx drug targeting psoriasis and eczema

With over 125 million chronic sufferers, psoriasis is one of the world’s most vexing dermatological problems. Breakouts are painful, itchy, uncomfortable and embarrassing. Lack of a cure creates a large market for palliative medications. Current offerings include ineffective topical creams as a first-line treatment; expensive and dangerous Anti-TNF- α drugs are more appropriate as a third line treatment. Cortisone injections to each plaque would be a reasonable, but exquisitely painful, second-line treatment. Our nanotechnology-enabled delivery system offers the ability to provide this effective second-line treatment without the needle. It avoids the dangers of the third-line drugs while drastically reducing costs to third-party payers.


While the majority of the therapeutic benefit from PsoriaFilm is due to amplification of  percutaneous delivery of corticosteroid, calcipotriol provides some added benefit.  The efficacy of calcipotriol in the treatment of psoriasis was first noticed by the observation of patients receiving various forms of vitamin D in an osteoporosis study. Unexpectedly, some patients who also suffered from psoriasis experienced dramatic reductions in lesion counts.  Calcipotriol is an analog of Vitamin-D and the delivery of this is covered by our patents. The vitamin D receptor belongs to the steroid/thyroid receptor superfamily, and is found on the cells of many different tissues including the thyroid, bone, kidney, and T cells of the immune system. T cells are known to play a role in psoriasis, and it is thought that the binding of calcipotriol to the VDR modulates the T cells gene transcription of cell differentiation and proliferation related genes in the psoriasis process. Our pipeline product includes film-delivery of calcipotriol as well transdermal, amplified and highly targeted delivery of corticosteroids. This combined approach promises to be uniquely effective in providing relief for psoriasis sufferers without resorting to injectables or dangerous systemic immunosuppressives. It is attractive as a cost-saving measure offering a much less expensive and safer alternative to Anti-TNF- α drugs.

CortiFilm - The cortisone shot without the needle

Eczema affects approximately four times as many people as psoriasis, with many variations on how this skin disorder may present. Severe cases are often resistant to topical treatment and require cortisone shots.  The prospect of a cortisone shot is not a pleasant one for the patient. Our nanotechnology-enabled CortiFilm drives the cortisone transepidermally, allowing patients to bypass the needle. We know of no near-term competition for this exciting technology.

ScaRx Film - Prescription topical treatment for Keloid and severe Hypertrophic scarring of the skin

 Most people associate scarring with a child’s skinned knee or a teen’s stitches. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons know that scarring can be a very serious medical problem. Keloids are actually a benign, but aggressive, tumor composed of scar tissue. Hypertrophic scars are severely overgrown scars that are not only unsightly, but often painful. Plastic surgery statistics show that over 350,000 procedures are done yearly for this type of severe skin scarring. This is a huge drain for patients and third-party payers. No topical prescription medication for these scars is currently available. Our ScaRx Film offers the delivery of the same type of medication injected into keloids and hypertrophic scars by doctors, without the incredibly painful monthly injections endured by sufferers of this scarring.  We have not found any viable near-term competition for this product.



 Prescription Products R&D Completed 

Stage Estimates


FDA Stage Estimates

Our prescription drug line falls into a special-case category in the U.S. FDA approval process. This situation allows for an expeditious pathway to approval for many of our products. We expect to find similar treatment as we approach regulatory agencies worldwide, offering them a better, cheaper and safer alternative to current therapy.

  • PsoriaFilm - Approximately Stage III

  • CortiFilm - Approximately Stage II

  • ScaRx Film - Approximately Stage III

  • Smooth-n-Young - Approximately Stage II