Velius Consumer Brands

OTC Pharmaceuticals for underserved or totally open markets.

OTC Pharmaceuticals

Our Strategy

The Visiongain market study predicted that the over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical market will to grow and is up eight-fold from ten years ago. This is the direct result of the managed care industry’s efforts to encourage self-directed, self-financed medical care. As a result, pharmaceutical manufacturers and retailers are focusing much more attention to this profitable area.

Though patented OTC pharmaceuticals are unusual, Velius holds several global patents on our lines. Our OTC brands include six (6) launched products, with several more through the R&D process and poised for fast growth and high profitability. At this early stage, Velius’ products are already moving off the shelves of many high-profile retailers in the US and Canada.

Scar and Injury Treatment Products

Over a billion new scars are created in the US alone each year; legacy scars account for billions more, according to the 2009 “Kantar Health Epidemiological Scar Report.” While there are several products currently available, there are only a few have any traction on-shelf and through doctors’ offices. Historically, the most popular products, initially driven by advertising, are only onion extract. The preponderance of the medical literature shows that onion extract is not effective. Therefore the market, while very large, is currently artificially depressed because it is dominated by products that do not work.

Shortly after it was launched, Scarguard was shown in a marketing study to be the #1 product to be dispensed by plastic surgeons because the medical literature clearly found it to be very effective. It is currently on shelf and ready for marketing support in many pharmacies in the US, Canada and Southeast Asia. A professional version is also sold through dermatology and plastic surgery offices.

In addition to Scarguard, our scar and injury products include Scarlight, a lightener for darkened scars; Bruiseguard to reduce the black and blue after surgery or injury; ScarSheets for those that prefer the older technology of silicone sheets; and Solarguard to protect the scars from the sun during the healing period. These products have all been launched into professional sales and are ready for retail.