Our Philosophy

Velius was founded and built by medical professionals and is currently lead by a surgeon and a pharmacist. We strongly believe that unless we will use a product to treat a family member, we will not add it to our product suite. We are committed to fielding real products, based on real science, that offer the best results possible.


Velius strives to be a good partner with medical personnel such as doctors and pharmacists, as well with retailers, suppliers and investors.  Most importantly, we endeavor to satisfy the customer that depends on our products to meet their health care needs.

Global Expansion

We are  committed to continued global expansion by working within the regulatory guidelines of each country we enter to provide better health care targeted to regional needs.

Research and Development

Velius researchers will continue to explore new uses of our nanotechnology enabled delivery system, as well as other technologies, to continue to expand our pharmaceutical product suite. Above all, we focus on whether a new technology promises to be safe and truly effective.

Our Future

With patents issued in over 25 countries and a suite of 19 developed pharmaceuticals, Velius, LLC has a solid foundation for growth. Our near-term goals include aggressive revenue growth with strong profitability and continued progress toward global approval of our prescription drug offerings.”